Monday, June 25, 2012

God Bless Callen Lane

Callen was baptized on Sunday. We enjoyed working hard to make everything just right for our son's BIG day. The day was perfect, and we couldn't help but smile as we watched our son start his Christian Journey! 

 Callen's wonderful sponsors, Jarred (my cousin), Kate (my sister), Briana (my aunt), and Bridget (Brandon's sister)!

 The Tesch/Gaskamp/Schulte Clan
My Granny with her babies, Presley and Callen! 
 My Little Family!!!

 Callen is thinking, "Okay, Mom enough with the pictures give me a piece of cake!"

 The Schulte/Bartels Clan
 Cousin Camden helping take care of Callen
 Callen with his "baseball" necklace from his sponsor Jarred 
Teaching him early about the rules of the game of baseball!

Baptism Photo Shoot

I wanted to take Callen to get professional pictures of him in his Baptismal outfit, but with preparing for the festivities and Brandon's graduation/schedule we just never got around to it. So instead, I got out our camera and we had a little photo shoot at our house. The cross in the pictures was given to us when we started our journey to St. Kitts and was proudly displayed in our apartments on the island. The white blanket in most of the pictures was Brandon's blanket when he was an infant. I am so honored that Brandon's mom saved it and gave it to Callen to use on his special day. Here is some of my favorites: 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

4 Months

Callen is 4 months old today! Time is flying by so fast with this little guy, and we LOVE him more and more with each new day. This month has been filled with lots of first for our baby boy. Callen had his first plane ride and train ride. He also turned over from his tummy to his back, and he is working very hard to roll over from his back to his tummy. Callen LOVES watching Baby Einstein videos and playing with his blue and white ball. He is giggling like crazy and he thinks his Daddy is pretty hilarious. Listening to the Pandora "Baby Einstein" station and the "Disney" station is also at the top of his list of things to do. Callen also purchased his very first cow! I am sure this is a first of many with Brandon Schulte as your father! Our lives are completely enriched with this wonderful boy in our loves! 

We LOVE You Callen Lane!
(I apologize in advance for the abundance of photos, but it's my baby and my blog and I LOVE him :)